Build Process

The Portals themselves went through several iterations.. From its humble beginning as an ikea end table with a monitor and a desk lamp to the placeholder mdf boxes to the final plywood and acrylic Portals they are today. I kept a fairly updated build log on the blog, but the abridged version comes across in […]


Pre-Portal Explorations

In the beginning, before there were portals, there were a lot of other experiments. These are a few of the many. The First Person Creator is clearly where the seed from which Portals came to be. But I really do think all the experiments had nuggets of useful discoveries which got rolled into the final […]


Kickstarter Campaign

As part of my process I created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the project and get feedback on the idea in its early stages. The campaign¬†successfully¬†surpassed its goal and helped the project gain some publicity as it was featured on the Kickstarter homepage and on various blogs. Part of the fun was also […]