Portals (and friends): the movie

Where do Magic Circles come from? How do you find a Magic Circle? What are Portals good for? What can you do with a Poppet? What happens when we summon The Cloud? What else could be possible? Find out what it’s like to be a Portaler in this brief little scenario video.  

0421_portals feature


A portal, according to Wikipedia, is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations separated by spacetime. Places that a portal will link to include a different spot in the same universe, a parallel world, the past or the future, and other planes of existence. The Portals are tangible interfaces for reaching into a […]

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Poppets & Emoties

Poppets are small physical characters, inspired by real people. All characters appearing in poppet form are non-fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely intentional. Poppets have the magical ability to come alive with Emoties when inside The Portal. They come in a variety of forms with varying special Emoties that can only be revealed […]

0421_magic circle feature

Magic Circles

Magic Circles were first discoveredy by Johan Huizinga in the 1950’s. Magic Circles can exist anywhere in the ordinary physical or virtual world so long as it’s a temporary space where rules enable specific performances. It’s within these Magic Circles that we can be free to play. Magic Circles are our playgrounds in both the […]

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In most virtual worlds players are represented by some sort of CG avatar, but in Portals you are represented by your Grabatar. Your Grabatar is a customizable and embodied representation of your identity in both the physical and virtual world. But unlike traditional avatars, the Grabatar can be personalized beyond a preset of designed looks, using […]

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Rovos are life size versions of the Poppets, that play in the corresponding physical location, and can communicate with the small Poppet inside the Portal. Rovos wander the streets of the real world, interacting with people both virtually and locally. Like the Poppets, rovos have a variety of cloud-based abilities. For instance, Photo-Rovos are also […]